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So this is a warning that there may be images here that some people may find offensive. We have, however, called in our Modesty Cat to censor some of the more graphic moments. We are all adults here right? So, we can admit that a certain amount of enjoyment in horror comes from more liberated views on sex and nudity.

50 of the Craziest Movie Sex Scenes Ever Filmed

27 Mainstream Movies With Most Nudity | Films With Naked Scenes

Some are funny Jason Segal shaking his stuff in Forgetting Sarah Marshall , some are romantic Kate Winslet getting naked in Titanic and some are feel-the-tingle-down-to-your-toes sexy Sharon Stone "forgetting" her panties in Basic Instinct. Here's our official ranking of the hottest on-screen moments ever. Name a nude scene more famous that Sharon Stone crossing and uncrossing her legs sans underwear in Basic Instinct. Disturbingly, Stone was never told how, er, revealing, the scene was, but she says she supports the choice to keep it in the movie. Coming in at number two is Kate Winslet in Titanic , who uttered the iconic line, "draw me like one of your French girls," and then stripped naked for a casual portrait session with a man played by Leonardo DiCaprio she'd literally just met. Also, fun fact: Legend has it that the actual drawing used in Titanic was made by the film's director, James Cameron, which

Now there's a website devoted to male nudity in films: Mr. Man

A few days ago she had an exchange on twitter with actress Kristy Swanson about who of the two is more famous. Well, she turned it into that, the main topic was should Donald Trump be digitally removed from Home Alone movie. She hosts the new season of Weakest Link on NBC tonight, so that will probably be the main topic of conversation. Advanced search.
A sex scene in a movie has to accomplish a lot. Far from just depicting two characters or more doing it, a love scene should progress the story in some way, or tell the audience something new that they didn't know about a character before. Ideally, a good sex scene should also be hot, without being exploitative of the actors, or perpetrating demeaning tropes and cliches about sex. For filmmakers, writing and directing sex scenes can be like walking a tightrope, with "too explicit" on one side, and "cringeworthy" on the other.

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