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Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or who are at high risk of developing the disease will often undergo a medical imaging procedure known as magnetic resonance imaging MRI. The procedure involves an injection of a solution containing the chemical element gadolinium Gd —a silvery-white metal that has mild magnetic properties. In this capacity, gadolinium is referred to as a contrast agent. Gadolinium is the most commonly used contrast agent for MRI and the one that is used in imaging for the screening, diagnosis, or monitoring of breast cancer. Gadolinium's properties can be put to good use in MRI because the technology utilizes magnetic pulses to create highly detailed, cross-sectional images of internal organs. The gadolinium used for a breast MRI is chelated, meaning that it has been chemically bound to an amino acid so that it can be better absorbed by the body.
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Is Common MRI Contrast Dye Safe? What You Need to Know

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MRI scans are usually done on an outpatient basis in a hospital or clinic. Your breasts will hang down into an opening in the table so they can be scanned without being compressed. The technologist may use pillows to make you comfortable and help keep you from moving. The table then slides into a long, narrow tube. The test is painless, but you have to lie still inside the narrow tube. You may be asked to hold your breath or keep very still during certain parts of the test. The machine may make loud, thumping, clicking, and whirring noises, much like the sound of a washing machine, as the magnet switches on and off.
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Contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging MRI is a noninvasive medical test that uses very strong magnets and pulses of radio waves to manipulate natural magnetic properties in the body to create images of the part of the body being evaluated. Breast MRI requires intravenous injection of gadolinium-based contrast to evaluate the breast tissue Fig. Normal tissue, cancers, and benign noncancerous findings can enhance on MRI. MRI is recommended for breast screening for high-risk women. After an initial set of images has been obtained, the contrast agent is injected into a vein in the arm.
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All dyes used for MRIs contain a metal called gadolinium, which is attached to another molecule that varies from dye to dye. Most of these side effects are mild and temporary. Some GBCAs temporarily interfere with blood tests for calcium, causing calcium levels to appear falsely low.
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