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Naked mole-rats Heterocephalus glaber form some of the most cooperative groups in the animal kingdom, living in multigenerational colonies under the control of a single breeding queen. Little is known about how individuals within these colonies navigate the many interactions that must occur in such a complex cooperative group. The naked mole-rat Heterocephalus glaber. Naked mole-rats are nearly hairless and nearly sightless burrowing rodents found throughout most of Somalia, central Ethiopia, Djibouti, and much of northern and eastern Kenya. They live in large colonies, which vary in number from 75 to individuals, deep underground in hypoxic conditions. The colonies are extended family groups, with overlapping generations.
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Naked mole rat – diet, habitat, species and size with pictures

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Naked Mole Rats Have Unique Dialects And Are 'Incredibly Xenophobic,' Study Finds | HuffPost

Nell Greenfieldboyce. Naked mole rats are very communicative creatures, they quietly chirp, squeak, twitter or even grunt to one another. The scientists wanted to find out whether these vocalizations have a social function for the animals — and found that each colony has its own dialect that promotes social cohesion. Felix Petermann, MDC hide caption. When two nearly blind naked mole rats encounter each other in a dark subterranean tunnel, it could be a friendly meeting or a moment of potential bloodshed between strangers. The creatures chirp to each other in greeting—and what happens next depends on the exact sound of those chirps. That's because each colony of naked mole rats speaks its own distinct dialect, instantly recognizable to its members, according to a new study in the journal Science.
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Naked Mole-Rats Speak in Community Dialects

By Jonathan Lambert. January 28, at pm. These social rodents are famous for their wrinkly, hairless appearance. Their underground burrows resound with near-constant chirps, grunts, squeaks and squeals. Now, computer algorithms have uncovered a hidden order within this cacophony , researchers report in the Jan.
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Naked mole rats are supremely weird creatures — they don't need much oxygen, and instead have seizures if they don't get enough carbon dioxide, the chemical humans exhale when we breathe, researchers just found. The scientists found that the wrinkled rodents will even seek out areas that have been infused with the gas. But why?
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