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Despite romantic feelings between her and Peter, she dated Harry when he began dating Liz Allan. The three were considered nerds by the popular kids and generally were not accepted into their clique. She was a member of the High School Marching Band. She and Harry were surprised when Peter tried to ask Sally Avril out, but, not as shocked when they saw him openly ridiculed by Flash Thompson , who had been bullying Peter for years. While there, a man named Max Dillon became Electro after an accident left him with electricity powers. She left before this happened, Peter offering to walk her home to ensure her safety.

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Sam: okay for this scene spiderman is going to be swinging across the city as he monologues. Gwen you need to move your hand to the right after spidreman takes his initial swing. Spiderman swings around the city but Gwen moves her hand too much and he misses a shot and falls violently into an alley.
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